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Make Your Own Bookmarks: {50+ Crafty Ideas & Printables}
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If there’s one page full of creative and gift-worthy bookmarks to keep on hand, this is the one! All kinds of free printables and crafty ways to make them yourself to keep or give as a gift.

Fabric: Use pretty scraps of fabric to cover cardstock (with rubber cement). Super easy and they turn out very nice!


Wire Hearts: Bend 20 gauge wire into shape for these lovelies.

Heart: A quick & lovely bookmark from Martha Stewart.


Happiness, Perspective, Truth, Kindness: Four different bookmark designs each featuring one of these words. Bright & cheery printables!

Copper Tutorial: Easy to make bookmark with 8 gauge copper wire (can also use sterling silver wire). A few twists and added beads make these a lovely gift.


Paper Clip Charms: The classic paper clip doubles as a bookmark.

Ribbon: Lovely way to use up scraps of ribbon.


Paper Weaving: Use strips cut from magazine pages to weave a colourful and original design. Once you’ve finished weaving, you can easily turn your work into a stylish bookmark.

Think Kindly: Free printables with “Think Kindly” design.


Beaded: Hold your place in your next book with a fun and funky beaded wire bookmark that works up quicker than you can say “Once upon a time.”

Made With Vintage Fabric: Cut shapes into self-adhesive paper then cover with vintage fabric, very nice!


Hardwood: Apply design with a permanent marker or wood burner.

Origami Corner Bookmark: This tiny origami bookmark is really easy to make and doesn’t fall off the page when you open your book!


Fabric: These bookmarks are so smart looking, and very easy to make!

Clip-Art Craft: Magnet Bookmarks: Stylish shirt & tie bookmarks from Martha Stewart.


Ribbon Buckle: A piece of ribbon, a buckle and a brad makes these gift-worthy bookmarks.

Elastic: Elastic cording, charms & beads make these lovely bookmarks.


Elastic Wrap: Use cereal box cardboard, some pretty paper and flat elastic to make these bookmarks–template included.

Handsewn: Made with watercolor paper, watercolors and a bit of embroidery for a totally personalized bookmark.


Fabric Corner Magnetic Bookmark: A little bit of embroidery goes a long way with this charmer.

Harry Potter Bookscarf Pattern: Knit a mini-Harry Potter scarf for this creative bookmark idea.


Chicken Scratch: Embellish scraps of gingham with this easy embroidery.

Scrap Savvy: A few fabric scraps can be made into lovely bookmarks.


Freebie: Papercut Snowflake: Tutorial and templates available via pdf download.

Bluebird Happiness Printable: Sweet little bluebirds with the word “Happiness”.


Pretty Corner Template: Use patterned paper to make these pretties.

Cute Critters: Very sweet design for the kiddos.


Crocheted Bead Book Thong: Quick project to whip up this gift-worthy bookmark.

Jan Brett Bookmarks: Free printable bookmarks in very gorgeous designs, lots to choose from. Available via pdf download.


Easy Magnetic Bookmarks: Cover pieces of cereal box cardboard with pretty paper, glue on a small magnet and voila! a lovely magnetic bookmark.

Chick Chic: Here’s a colorful chick to print out (many colors available) that will peek out your book and hold your spot.


Make A Magnetic Photo Bookmark: Fun project using photos.

Patchwork Bookmark Tutorial: Great way to use up pretty bits of fabric.


Ice Cream Printable: It comes in two stacks of flavors, free pdf download.

Birds & Leaves: Free printable, four bookmarks per page.


Three Cartoon Bookmarks: Free pdf download, three fun designs.

Paper Doily Project: Learn how to make a bookmark from a heavy weight paper doily and an exacto knife.


Multi-Threaded: Made with floss or flat ribbons and small charms.

Mom Inc. Daily: Four different designs, three with a crafty popup feature.


Fan: {Crochet pattern} Made with size 40 crochet cotton or DMC cotton perle, features a long tassel or tail and clustered fan design.

Monogram: Easy & no-sew! Simply glue decorative scrapbook embellishments to a large button and attach ribbons.


Fabric Stitchy: Assorted scraps of fabric are stitched together (decorative edges), backed with canvas or duck cloth. Here’sanother crafty idea using assorted scraps.

Button: Clever idea, buttons are attached to size 10 crochet cotton (with chain stitches between).


Felt Mouse: Make a cute felt mouse with a braided tail that marks the place in a book. Free pattern download (pdf).

Crocheted Flower: A frilly flower with a long crocheted stem functions nicely as a pretty bookmark.


Fern Lace: Made with any 4-ply fingering weight yarn and is worked in three sections (six rows form the fern lace pattern).

Beaded Elastic Cord Page Markers: These slide over the book and will fit over both large and small books.


Ballet Slipper: This cutie is made with pink, white, tan felt and pink grosgrain ribbon. Free pdf pattern available.

Jumbo Flower Clips: Jumbo paperclips are embellished with a crafty flower and felt (held together with a dab of hot glue), clip slides over pages to hold your place.


Knit Crayon: Suitable for Beginner knitters, each crayon measures about 10.2″ and worked flat on straight needles.

Flourish: Made with fingering weight yarn, final size measures 16″ (length) x 6.5″ (wide). Pattern via pdf download.


Fairies: Reads “Do You Believe In Fairies?”, prints 4 per sheet (jpg file).

Penguins & Snowmen: Cute little guys that are cut along the lower tummy area to slide over pages

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